This just in: New UCLA Map

No, the landscape hasn’t changed all that much overnight, but the Interactive Campus Map certainly has.  There are still a few glitchy issues, which the large “BETA” in the title should probably excuse (e.g., at a certain zoom level with only the “Street Map” layer selected, the screen goes blank wihout warning), but all in all this incarnation satisfies my map-dork on many levels: one can select multiple “layers” of information to highlight relevant features like libraries, banks, and even the shuttle route (can we get some bike routes on this? Thanks!).

UCLA Interactive Campus Map

There are also nifty tools for searching the map (where’s Royce Hall?) and making measurements and annotations which can be shared by printing or linking.  Of note to the truly geeky: the “Identify” tool provides useful links to photos and maps/directions for each building as well as relevant statistics and reports, such as where funding for each building comes from, and even who the architect was.  Last but not least, the “Multimedia” layer provides some nice, hi-res, virtual tours of popular spots around campus.  I wish I had a cached version of the old page so you can see what an improvement this is, but trust me, this is a huge improvement.  Happy exploring!


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