Bike Ride: Clarendon and Softball

6.64 miles;  ? minutes;  ? mph;  uphill to Clarendon, then downhill or flat [map]

This was one of my first purely “practical” rides (even if the practical needs also involved biking).  I needed fenders and a bike rack to get ready for my trip.  It’s 5:30, I’m downtown, and I need to run this errand and get back to the Ellipse in time for a softball game at 7.  I rode up to Revolution Cycles, where one of the guys in the service department was nice enough to set me up with a rack and fenders that would work for my bike and with my existing pannier bags.  There would have been about a $20 fee to install them, but when I told him I’d just be taking them off again the next weekend to ship my bike (and that I’m generally a cheapskate), he kindly talked me through “how he would install them,” wink wink, for free.

I looked a little goofy trying to bike back down the hill with my new purchases (is that a fender in your backpack or, eek), but I dropped them off at home and continued on to the mall, just in time for the game to start.  As an added bonus, we had a thrilling victory, they even let me bat, and an official looking guy kicked us off at the end of the game because something (“I can’t tell you”) was going on at the White House.  I think I’ll miss D.C.


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