Bike Ride: Fairfax

16.24 miles;  ? minutes;  ? mph;  hilly “terrain” East of George Mason Drive, then gentle incline


  • Stopped at Big Wheel Bikes
    • Super-convenient to the Custis Trail
    • Really nice about exchanging helmet-mirror for handlebar mount mirror (good thing; that thing gave me a headache)
    • Picked up some sunglasses with interchangeable lenses that came in handy for riding into the sunset, then back at cloudy/dusk – CRUCIAL for keeping bugs out of your eyes
  • Route passed through Arlington, Falls Church, and Fairfax
    • Falls Church has really pretty and nice biking facilities
    • BUT, lots of at-grade crossings
      • Lee Highway requires bikers to stop and wait for a crosswalk light.  Fair enough, this is a major road.  This would be a great place for a bridge like the one on Broad Street
      • Lots of stops for crossing relatively quiet, residential streets.  The signs all read “Stop Required by Law”.  Hmmm, because most stop signs are just suggestions?  This is another indication that interactions between cars and bikes are still considered outside the norm.  Why should the cyclist have to yield to the guy in the Infiniti?  When I was riding (about 6pm yesterday), there were far more bikes backed up at these stops than there were cars; maybe the cars should have the full stop instead of just a crosswalk.
      • Broad Street crossing has a nice trail bridge that arches over the roadway
  • Riding back downhill after working so hard to climb those hills is fun :0)

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