Shopping Spree: Big Wheel Bikes

I got a bunch of fun new gear at Big Wheel Bikes in Arlington this weekend.  They didn’t have nearly the extensive selection of “stuff” (apparel, accessories, etc.) that Revolution Cycles had, but there was also no intimidating/pretentious vibe.  Prices were fair, and the staff were helpful, but honest (helmet mirror or handlebar mirror?  “I dunno, man; I’ve never used either”).  In fact, they were super-helpful in providing me with something I thought I’d never find:  a cardboard bike box, for free!  Now, this might not sound that exciting to you*, but this is essential for me to get my bike out to California for my trip.  Checking the bike on an airplane would be $175 on Delta and having a store box and ship it for me would be $150, but packing it myself and shipping FedEx Ground will only run me about $60, saving about $100 that I can blow on other fun new gear like…

…bike gloves, front and rear LED lights, a side mount bicycle pump, and a helmet mirror.  Sadly, the helmet mirror was a bust and will be going back (I’ll give the handlebar mounted one a try), but I couldn’t be more thrilled with the rest of the gear.  Both LED’s are plenty bright and last over 100 hours on one set of batteries, and the bike pump mounts BESIDE my water bottle holder, so I don’t have to sacrifice one or the other.  More on how the gear worked in the next Ride: post.

*Unless your dad made you a “working” rocket-ship out of a refrigerator box for your 6th birthday party, in which case we’re already on the same page.


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