Run: Monumental Hangover

5.05 miles; 45 minutes;  6.73 mph

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Unfortunately, knowing that I had a running date with my coworkers did not do an ounce of good in stopping me from overindulging last night* and waking up with a pounding headache.  On the bright side, there’s nothing better for a hangover than a good run.**  It gets the blood pumping again and, if you’re doing it right, your lungs and legs will be hurting so much that you forget you had a hangover to begin with.

My run was particularly nice because it substituted for my usual Metro commute and it included pleasant views of the Potomac River,  Rosslyn, Lincoln Memorial, Navy-Marine Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Tidal Basin, Washington Monument, and the White House (map).  Good company never hurts either.

This morning was further evidence that I don’t run enough:  if I feel this good doing it with a hangover, how much better will I feel when I actually get a good night’s sleep?

* Flip-cup is a fun game.  So is “drink yummy Rueda Verdejo and free cocktails.”
** YMMV.  This might not work so well if you can’t keep down solid food…

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