Pacific Coast Preview

This one might still belong under the “harebrained schemes” category, but it’s getting increasingly real.  I’ve started making plans to bike some portion of the Pacific Coast Route this summer before I head back for grad school.  Yes, it sounds crazy, but “some portion” is much more reasonable than where I started (bike over 2,500 miles East to West across the entire country, which apparently my awesome coworker has done) and somewhat more reasonable than what I actually wanted to do (bike 1,855.5 miles from Vancouver to Tijuana).  Realistically, I’m hoping to start somewhere on the coast near Portland (Tillamook? Ecola State Park?) and end up in L.A. or San Diego.

I’m inspired and terrified by stories from these two who completed the trip in 2006, and I just got a comprehensive route guide, complete with places to stop and camp along the way, so I am now somewhat invested.  I also took my bike in to the shop and got a thumbs-up that it (if not I) can handle the trip.  As my fellow cyclist(s) and I get closer to a plan, I’ll post more details.  Until then, this is keeping me motivated.


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